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Powder Coating Unlimited is proud to offer high temperature ceramic coatings capable of withstanding the harshest under-hood conditions.  Whether you are trying to win a trophy in the next show or achieve that next level of performance on the track, we can fulfill your high-temperature coating needs.

High temperature ceramic coating offers many performance enhancing benefits while helping to protect your parts.  These coatings have a very good chemical and corrosion resistance and possess excellent thermal barrier characteristics, providing a dramatic reduction in radiated heat.

This means reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the entire exhaust system.  When cured, a very effective corrosion inhibiting film is formed that protects the part against oxidation and imparts excellent chemical resistance that further extends part life and enhances appearance.

Why Use High-Temperature Ceramic Coating?

  • Reduce under-hood temperatures
  • Extend life of other under-hood components
  • Unlike header wrap, does not hold moisture
  • Improves performance of the engine
  • Protects components from corrosion
  • Provides protection up to 2000° F
  • Provides a clean appearance
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Shiny finish won’t blue like chrome
  • Available in a variety of colors

Uses for High-Temperature Ceramic Coating?

Many people already know that high-temperature ceramic coats are used to coat original equipment exhaust manifolds and aftermarket headers, but they may not know some of the other applications for the same products.  A few of those applications are boat parts, motorcycle parts, tractor parts and snowmobile parts … among so many more.