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Stop fuel tank rusting forever with our patented process!

Gas Tank Renu is a patented, chemical bonding repair process which coats the inside and outside of your fuel tank.  This double layer of protection completely seals the tank, preventing rust and corrosion…forever!  This process is ideal for hard to find classic car tanks and extremely expensive large tanks.

What are my options?

There are many options when it comes to restoring fuel tanks.

  • The first option is to simply clean your fuel tank.  If you have old fuel or rust inside your tank we can clean it with our pyrolytic thermal extraction process and/or sand blasting
  • The next option would include the first but also include coating the inside of the tank
  • For the outside of the tank we can do one of the following:  Leave it as bare steel, Renu coat it, or powder coat it one of thousands of available colors

What is the coating process?

Many times the tank has old fuel in it along with paint and debris on the outside, therefore the first step in our process is to use our pyrolytic thermal extraction process to clean your fuel tank.  The next step is create access to the inside of the tank by either drilling holes or cutting access panels in it.  This allows us to be able to sand blast the inside and the outside of the tank which gets your tank back to bare metal.  At that point, any holes that may be in the tank are welded and any small pin holes are repaired.  If it is necessary, steel plates can be welded over thin spots in tanks.  Renu Coating is then applied to the inside of tank and the tank is rolled around to ensure the tank is complete coated.  The coating is then baked in an oven to finalize the process.  The Renu coating then applied to the outside of the tank if chosen.

What type of tanks can be coated?

Renu Coating can be used on virtually any type of tank, but it is ideal for use on classic car tanks (that are no longer available as new) or large truck or industrial tanks (that are quite expensive to replace).  If your tank is irreplaceable or custom built, Renu coating is perfect for you.  We can save tanks that many people think are too far gone.  In fact, we have repaired and coated tanks that have literally thousands of holes in them.  On the other hand, you may have a tank that costs over $1000 to replace that can be repaired and coated for a fraction of the price.  In fact, after our coating your tank will be better than new!

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